Company Branded Promotional Products

I’ve always loved buying fun promotional products that our customers enjoy. Our latest has been a real “treat”, literally. I met a colleague of mine recently in New York that has this awesome idea of putting a custom message on a fortune cookie. Seriously why not right? In marketing terms the open

Urban Hippy Tripster Pack “Say what?”

The Urban Hippy Tripster Pack is the perfect pack for hauling around your macbook, passports, and daily essentials.

My Newest Creation Is My Favorite

Or…..right now it’s for sure my favorite, but when the HydraQuiver was first made it was my favorite too. I still love that little pack, especially since it was our first product and why I’m here doing this now. October 27th marked 3 years of selling the HydraQuiver, man does time

9 Rookie Interview Mistakes That Experienced People Make All the Time

Interviewing can be a painful process for both sides of the hiring process. I’m wrapping up the latest hiring round and after 300 applicants, here are some major red flags that many experienced people made in the resume submission phase. Job History – Using the year, versus month and year range. This

Josh Sprague Photo Shoot Gym Bag

I Love My Job

Do you do what you love? Orange Mud has been a dream come true on so many levels. I get to spend more time with my family (even though I may work even more than before), I get to take photos for a living (something I’ve always loved to do),

11 Amazing Things About Being an Entrepreneur and a Parent

Starting your own business is crazy. Seriously, crazy. All the things you think you know about everything from what your bookkeeper, HR, CPA, Sales, Marketing, Shipping, QC, Manufacturing does on a daily basis is likely going to open your eyes a bit. Finding time for your family is definitely challenging

Sleepy time

Do you work late? A tip to help you sleep better.

I spend a lot of late nights in front of the computer just like so many others. Often after a ton of late night work I don’t sleep well, and I’ve always attributed this to just having my mind wound up. After stumbling onto an article about the effects of

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