Urban Hippy Tripster Pack “Say what?”

The Urban Hippy Tripster Pack is the perfect pack for hauling around your macbook, passports, and daily essentials.

What Start Up Entrepreneurs Eat

So it’s funny, I generally eat healthy, but when you have 11 people helping you to run your business but you need 22, there is just not enough time in the day. It’s unbelievable how many times that there is only 5 minutes for lunch, or a few seconds between

Orange Mud Profile – Active Gear Review

Running our own business has been a ton of fun but the process of getting it cruising is always way harder than you think! I had a great time sitting down with Zachary to go over our business from concept to current date and gave some insight into not just

Do you shop local?

We’re pumped to have this feature in the “locally made” segment of CBS LA. Sourcing local does mean a lot to us, even though most consumers really don’t seem to care as long as the quality is there. We figure that sourcing local creates local jobs which can’t be bad

How Much Does It Cost to Start A Brand?

Makers Row recently asked us a bunch of questions on how we started our brand, how much it cost, challenges, etc to build a company. It really was pretty funny how spot on the guess was with the launch, but that was only phase 1! Bottom line it takes a

Makers Who Made It

We’re pumped to be a part of the “Makers Who Made It” book that was recently released by the founder and CDO of the Grommet. Check it out for a great read of Orange Mud’s back story as well as 100 other inventors, entrepreneurs and makers who have launched on

Day 366+

This week marks 1 year since I quit my full time career in the medical device industry to run Orange Mud full time. Granted it was a full time second job for the previous couple years, just with way too many nights and way to many loooonnggg weekends. All this with 2

Emotion gets the job done.

Facebook is a crazy tool. There is so much to see and do there daily, who really has time for work right? Well as a business it’s flat out ridiculous to keep up with, but it’s an amazing resource that if used properly allows us to engage with our audience

Company Branded Promotional Products

I’ve always loved buying fun promotional products that our customers enjoy. Our latest has been a real “treat”, literally. I met a colleague of mine recently in New York that has this awesome idea of putting a custom message on a fortune cookie. Seriously why not right? In marketing terms the open

My Newest Creation Is My Favorite

Or…..right now it’s for sure my favorite, but when the HydraQuiver was first made it was my favorite too. I still love that little pack, especially since it was our first product and why I’m here doing this now. October 27th marked 3 years of selling the HydraQuiver, man does time

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