Day 366+

This week marks 1 year since I quit my full time career in the medical device industry to run Orange Mud full time. Granted it was a full time second job for the previous couple years, just with way too many nights and way to many loooonnggg weekends. All this with 2 new kids too. A big thanks to my wife who had to pick up the bulk of the slack with the kids and house duties to allow me to run the nuts and bolts of the business. Oh yeah, she’s about to celebrate year 2 of running Orange Mud full time come January!

It’s a crazy feeling stepping out into the world of creating your own paycheck. For those that have done it, you know what I mean. You learn more about taxes than you ever wanted to know, realize that running a business is fun, but the paperwork to keep up with city, county, state, federal, international export law, and various other regulations is insane. You wonder how it cost so much to do seemingly everything, and even more at how little is left once you balance income and expenses. You realize that building a product is easy, launching it is what’s hard. And inventory burden in terms of cash is crazy! Plus the bazillion other things that pop up daily that throw curve balls your way. For those of you that haven’t done it, I may sound like I’m complaining, but that’s exactly the opposite, it’s crazy and amazing at the same time! Day 366+

I did a radio interview today and he asked me what my future plans are. Grow the business, exit strategy, etc. Granted an exit may happen someday, but I’ll be more than happy if I’m doing this for the next 30 years. Designing products for the outdoors is incredibly fun, and I have about 15 active designs that will come out in 2016. Our customers are amazing and inspiring daily, and the highest stress that we have is a package that didn’t show up on time. Oh yeah, I have to go on a run or a bike ride to test out new gear designs weekly. I think I’ll take it!

I wish you all the best of luck as 2016 is right around the corner, and a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you all!




One Reply to “Day 366+”

  1. Joel deBlonk says:

    Congratulations on the accomplishment Josh! Sure glad you designed the HydraQuiver because it’s by far my favorite pack!


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