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Saw a 5 wire electric fence today, never seen that before. Plus the views behind it were amazing! Front range views are amazing. Love my midday rides! I love the open country on the front range. Today the wind was insane, but it made a heck of a tailwind on the return! 53 miles logged for the #dk200 and #leadman today. The clouds looked like they were going to dump all day, but got lucky. Gravel grinding awesome today. #dirtykanza training . Checking out the caves at Castlewood Canyon. We all were soaked in mud and water which was awesome! Calm before the storm ride. Big rain, snow, wind is coming.


“Luck is found through created opportunities.”

I’ve always been a pretty lucky guy and blamed a lot of things growing up to just that, luck. After a while though, you start to figure out yourself and realize that certain things may happen because you flat out bust your butt to make things happen and create your own opportunities. Don’t worry, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows here, but I believe in working hard in the hopes that what I put in comes out in return.

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