What Start Up Entrepreneurs Eat

So it’s funny, I generally eat healthy, but when you have 11 people helping you to run your business but you need 22, there is just not enough time in the day. It’s unbelievable how many times that there is only 5 minutes for lunch, or a few seconds between calls, where these main foods are eaten. And hey, I’m not saying they are all bad. What do you think?

First up is my standby, the Fig Newton. These little delightful beast can really carry you over and are great to pack in a bag on the go too. Total eat/prep time, less than a minute.

Second is the good old Chicken Patty. So I’ve almost over dosed on these, especially in 2016, so 2017 has definitely not been the year of the Chicken Patty, but these are still the clutch warm and go food. 1 minute and 30 seconds to heat, apply barbeque or mustard, and consume. Total eat time less than 2:45.

Beef Jerky is so freaking clutch. We have bags stashed strategically in all work areas, including the car. Sure it’s a sodium bomb, but it’s high in protein, lasts forever, and aside from the random piece of meat left in your teeth for a meeting (ie leftovers), you’re money.

Dried fruit. Again not a meal, but in a pinch dried pineapple and cherries are my go to. Ideally mixed with beef jerky at random intervals. Perfect for a 3 minute lunch followed by a lunch time workout, then perfect post workout snack.

Last are Tic Tacs, even though they technically are not a meal. I prefer orange of course, and believe it or not, these tasty little heavenly beasts really do carry you over until you can find a much more nutritious meal like beef jerky or chicken patties.

The perfect condiment is barbecue sauce. It’s the vegetables in my 5 minute lunch. Healthy? No, I’ve tried to substitute mustard more so this year….

So it’s not like college where ramen noodles and pizza were the staple, I feel that I’ve taken a step up in the world there, but far from steak, taters, and asparagus daily. I call it, the Start Up Diet.


One Reply to “What Start Up Entrepreneurs Eat”

  1. This is awesome! The leftovers comment made me guffaw!


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