Makers Who Made It

We’re pumped to be a part of the “Makers Who Made It” book that was recently released by the founder and CDO of the Grommet. Check it out for a great read of Orange Mud’s back story as well as 100 other inventors, entrepreneurs and makers who have launched on The Grommet.


After seven years of helping Makers launch undiscovered products to the masses, the free ebook “Makers Who Made It: 100 Stories of Starting a Business” brings together The Grommet’s Co-founder & CEO Jules Pieri and Co-founder & Chief Discovery Officer Joanne Domeniconi, and interviews with 100 Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs whose products have launched on The Grommet.

The Grommet’s community is sharing their wisdom and insights to help inspire others. It’s an honest, revealing collection of advice, reality checks, what to expect, and what you should (and shouldn’t) sweat when starting a small business. The ebook will help readers understand how to develop an idea for a new consumer product, prototype it, manufacture it, launch it, promote it, and build a sustainable and thriving business.

The book (as ePub and pdf files) is currently available at and will be available in ebook stores soon.


Ebook link

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