Company Branded Promotional Products

I’ve always loved buying fun promotional products that our customers enjoy. Our latest has been a real “treat”, literally. I met a colleague of mine recently in New York that has this awesome idea of putting a custom message on a fortune cookie. Seriously why not right? In marketing terms the open rate is 100% and the click rate is most likely also 100%. Who wouldn’t open and read the message?  Dude is a freaking genious. Selling messages on fortune cookies…..

Well I’m a fan, and we bought 1000 of them to try it. We’ve shipped around 700 so far from Orange Mud in the past couple weeks. Judging by the amount of pics we’ve seen across social media and fun emails received, I’d say a fortune cookie in a backpack, as odd as that sounds, is quite fitting. If you’re interested in doing something fun like this, check out Shawn’s company here.


And for my own shameless plus, we do offer customization of our Transition and Seat Wrap, Gym Bag, and more from Orange Mud. It makes a perfect high end company branded gift that people will dig, but also last a very long time. Checkout our customized options here. Mud Loves Custom

If you’re looking for 15 other ideas, including the one from yours truly, checkout the featured article on Noobpreneur link


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