Sleepy time

Do you work late? A tip to help you sleep better.

I spend a lot of late nights in front of the computer just like so many others. Often after a ton of late night work I don’t sleep well, and I’ve always attributed this to just having my mind wound up. After stumbling onto an article about the effects of the bright computer monitor and it’s impact on your circadian rhythms, it got me thinking maybe I should do something about it.

Introducing F.lux, downloadable here. This software takes about 30 seconds to install and if you load it at night you’ll notice just how different it makes your eyes feel in a matter of seconds. A bright computer screen at 11pm makes you squint and is like being in a casino in Vegas to your mind. F.lux makes your screen kind of yellow, a tint that instantly makes your eyes open up and relax. Once active it is live all the time and after a few weeks of use I already notice a major difference in the way I sleep.

Download it today, it’s free, quick, and worth a lot more hours of sleep.

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