11 Game-Changing Software for Startups – business.com

I’ve made it no secret that I love love love shopify.com and think it’s better than sliced bread, especially for our online site. The power, integration, and scalability is simply amazing. Here are a few reasons why I love it.

  1. Simplicity. Pick a template for your site theme, there are hundreds if not thousands and your site looks is ready. Now fill in the details. It’s easy, and if something is not working right hit up tech support, they’ll set you right and are awesome to work with. Want a web designer? Go for it, but have them build your site on this platform so once it’s live you can make minor tweaks yourself.
  2. Integration. We use a lot of apps like Quickbooks sync, StoreYa’s coupon lightbox, Klaviyo for customer sync and email newsletter integration, Shipstation for our shipping needs (amazing), SEO apps, etc. I think we use about 15, some paid, some free. Shopify is quickly becoming the standard in the industry so when you start your business look at the apps you need and see what they sync too. You’ll see shopify at the top of the platform.
  3. Mobile App. Their app could use some work, but overall we really dig it. You can quickly see sales data, look up tracking and customer information, take payments via mobile, change product details and inventory counts and see site traffic.
  4. Time To Market. We could launch a new business in a day online with this platform. Granted it may take you a bit longer in the beginning, but the ease of setup is so painlessĀ that it really makes it quick to get your site live so you can then modify and scale as needed as your business evolves.

My tip, as well as 11 others are listed on Business.com. Click here to learn more on Business.com

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