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5 ‘Do Not Disturb’ Tips for Avoiding Tech Distractions

Email is crazy. Seriously, I’ve never talked to someone that says their inbox is just peachy clean awesome.Most are a train wreck, I’ve seen some with over 10,000 unread emails, and some with 40,000 in the inbox alone. I just can’t comprehend some email management styles, but hey, to each their own.

I love to “work offline” in Outlook for one to three hours at a time to dig into email. It’s invigorating to clean up your inbox, get a bunch of emails queued, and catch up on some other tasks that often require a good bit of focus like content creation, proposals, finances, etc. Otherwise, it’s a new distraction every minute or so. Have you ever tried this?

This is just my tip, which was recently posted on Learn 4 more tips on the link below and one more tip, please turn off the “new email alert” on your phone and computer!

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