11 Amazing Things About Being an Entrepreneur and a Parent

Starting your own business is crazy. Seriously, crazy. All the things you think you know about everything from what your bookkeeper, HR, CPA, Sales, Marketing, Shipping, QC, Manufacturing does on a daily basis is likely going to open your eyes a bit. Finding time for your family is definitely challenging at times since you want to spend time with them, but you have to work, and if you don’t do the work, then you may not have the income to do things you want which would be spending time with them. It’s a freaking vicious circle right?

My kids give me a sense of purpose and drive me to push hard daily. I’ve always worked with a sense of urgency and passion, but being a parent brings a different level of drive to long hours and the craziness of your own business. Having my little boy say, “Dad, I need to wear my Orange Mud today,” is an amazing feeling that constantly keeps my passion alive. Late nights, long hours, and focused quality time may be the norm, but the purpose is clear.

Read more insight from myself and 10 other treps on the Huffington Post here. 

Riding with your kids is one heck of a way to relax and have a great time!

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