My Newest Creation Is My Favorite

Or…..right now it’s for sure my favorite, but when the HydraQuiver was first made it was my favorite too. I still love that little pack, especially since it was our first product and why I’m here doing this now. October 27th marked 3 years of selling the HydraQuiver, man does time fly! So my first love for sure was the HQ, my second was the Vest Pack, third the Modular Gym Bag, and now fourth, or quite possibly the 1st again, the UHTP, aka Urban Hippy Tripster Pack. So what is this thing?

The “Urban Hippy Tripster Pack” is a hybrid of things really. I’ve lived in the country, I’ve lived in big cities, but I’ve never lived in a super urban area like downtown Chicago, San Francisco, or Manhattan (though I did live in Manhattan, KS….). Each time I’ve traveled to these areas I’m always secretly envious of the skinny jean wearing urban hipster crowd, riding around on belt driven single speeds, with the most wicked cool packs, and just being a bit trippy. Most often resemble a mix of the hippy and tripster crowd, hence the slung around name of “Urban Hippy Tripster Pack.”

This pack cost $199.95. Why? Because it’s built crazy tough with high end materials first off. A lifetime of use is expected, and I/we stand behind that too. That aside, it’s packed full of features. The rear pen panel and storage is oversized, it’s not the same old small pen panel that is made from low end materials and templated to fit a billion packs. Check it out, it’s vibrant, tough, and oversized for large pens. As a bonus, peel it off via the velcro attachment and you’ll find a secret stash pocket that’s perfect for passports, cash, documents, and more. The laptop sleeve is a beast and will securely hold and protect your laptop, you can take it out too. Yes it’s designed to be removable. We have an optional nasty clothes bag that attaches via secure velcro to the back-panel when the laptop sleeve is removed. Oh yeah, the harness. This thing is stupendously overbuilt, just like we like it…..for carrying heavy loads, clipping on a carabiner, or for just looking good.

The UHTP was due to launch earlier this year, but thanks to some d-bag smashing my window in Houston and stealing the production sample, we had some big delays. Now many months later, this sucker is nailed down and the fun features throughout this bag are ready for the public. I’m proud to say that our manufacturing partner is the number one supplier to the US Marines too. So aside from these packs being loaded with features, they are made crazy tough too.

UHTP - Urban Hippy Tripster Pack

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