A ride with your kid

I love to ride my bike, but seeing your kid ride is even better than hitting the trails myself. My little buddy Jax and I were out at a local bike called Over the Hump, a summer mountain bike race event mid week that is an exceptional event. Technically Jax was going to help at our exhibit there, but he had other plans, simply to ride his bike.

The first exhibit he just rode around our booth as it was a bit intimidating having 500 adult riders all over out there. But the apprehension quickly dissipated by week two where before the event started he rode about 3 or 4 miles leaving smiles of all kinds of riders asking “how old is that kid?” as he went flying by at a 90 to 100 rpm cadence. The last exhibit was family night where any age could race for a short distance. Jax went into it after his 5 mile warm up on the course for the 70 yard race and shredded it from the back row. After the race was over, then it was time to race some of the other kids hanging out for like a half a freaking hour! Video below of that.

Start your kid on a strider early and have a bike with pedals early, I still can’t believe he’s riding his pedal bike already. Not only riding it, but hammering on it!

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